Do you have any questions? Here are some frequently asked questions.

What can CaniClub do?

CaniClub offers a wide range of functions and modules that communicate and are interconnected.

  • Digital breeding book
  • Dog database
  • Member management
  • Club overview
  • Electronic payment system for dues and services
  • Event planning, schedule protection, registration tool (via Caniva)
Is CaniClub only for breed clubs?

No, CaniClub is not only for existing breed clubs. It offers a wide range of features and solutions for associations, dog sport clubs of all sizes, as well as for ambitious dog enthusiasts who may want to establish a club or simply organize and manage their training group.
Es ist egal, ob du Züchter, Sportler oder Verein bist, der seine täglichen Routinen organisieren und seine Effizienz verbessern möchte – CaniClub bietet dir die richtigen Funktionen und Möglichkeiten. Mit der benutzerfreundlichen Oberfläche und maßgeschneiderten Optionen kann jeder, der mit Hunden zu tun hat von CaniClub profitieren und seine Arbeit rund um die Organisation effizienter und angenehmer gestalten.

How much does CaniClub cost?

CaniClub is based on a licensing principle that is affordable for everyone. Instead of charging high upfront costs, we offer a licensing model that is based on the number of records. With this approach, everyone can use the software without making a significant initial investment.

In addition to the licensing fee, we charge a transaction fee of currently 5% for all payment amounts. This fee covers the costs associated with securely processing payments through our platform and allows us to provide you with a safe and reliable payment system.

We understand that fees are an important aspect when choosing a software solution, and we are always committed to offering fair and transparent pricing. Our licensing models and transaction fees allow us to continuously develop the software to meet your needs and provide an optimal user experience.

Does each member get access to CaniClub?

The optimal benefit of CaniClub is achieved through accessibility for the affiliated individuals of your club.
Jedoch kannst du dies natürlich selbst bestimmen.
CaniClub also offers the possibility to create individual user roles, thereby expanding or restricting permissions.

Can I cancel CaniClub at any time?

CaniClub has no minimum contract periods and can be canceled at any time before the next billing cycle (once a month) by sending an email to info@caniclub.de .

How does the application work?

CaniClub works through numerous connections between the data you provide.
You will receive an organized overview of all relevant data for your organization.
Create breeding plans, print pedigrees, plan events, collect membership fees, or sell your items through the shop.
Give it a try - you will see how easy and straightforward CaniClub works.

How do I register my club?

Please provide us with your contact information, and we will get in touch with you.
You will then receive free access and can start right away.

Do you have any other questions? Then please feel free to write to us directly through our contact form.

Start now and take your organization to the next level.

Say goodbye to chaos and effortlessly boost your efficiency with CaniClub. Never before has digital organization in the field of dog breeding, dog and member management been so simple.